Running Village: Update

As the more eagle-eyed readers might have noticed, it’s been real quiet about these parts lately.

We’re finally able to share with you some of the exciting updates that are underway!


Let’s go back to the start.

When we first started this site, it was a hobbiest running website where we’d blog about everything running – personal, professional and everything in between.

We saw some pretty awesome results and built a pretty kick ass community along the way.

This small, humble running blog transformed into something that allowed us to quit our jobs as software developers and do this blogging thing full-time.


As we grew, we met some interesting new people along the way including many of those folks from traditional media backgrounds.

We didn’t expect them to “get” what we’re doing but they totally did and we even helped on large running magazine embrace digital and grow their readership too.


At the start of this year, we received a phone call (dun, dun, dun).

It was from a very well known marathon runner (gasp).

They read our blog (flattered).

… and wanted to start a new project with us!

Today we launch Authority Running, an online running magazine for runners of all abilities.

… and we’re very excited about it!

Over the next month we’re going to be rolling out the new content along with making some huge announcements about who we’re working with.

What’s Different With This Project?

So I guess the question is – what’s different with this new project from what we’ve been doing for the past 3 years?

Firstly (we’ll get this awkward one out the way first), this is a business decision. We don’t want to be corporate sell-outs but we do have families to feed and bills to pay and changing the style of the website to make it more advertiser friendly makes like a lot easier for us.

Next, and more importantly, we want to become “THE” running authority (hence the site name) and we want to bring you things like podcasts, videos and real in depth content.